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Arab Top Alex DeLarge Has Rough Sex with Taylor Murphy

Thursday, March 25th, 2010
Arab Top Alex DeLarge enjoys rough sex with Australian Taylor Murphy

Collin O’Neal from the World of Men says, “I met Alex DeLarge on a social networking site and asked him to do porn. He told me he had been asked by a few companies in the past but he refused the offers. He then wrote back and said ‘but I’ll do it for you, Collin.” And why? Well, this hot Lebanese guy saw my tattoo and he loved the message. (I’m glad my tattoo attracted a model to me…and Alex isn’t the first hot Arab to do porn for me because of it). So, Alex is the first Lebanese guy on my site direct from the Bekaa Valley for your viewing pleasure. Alex let me know that he wanted a scene partner he could abuse a bit, so I dug into my Australian model pool and asked Taylor Murphy if he liked rough sex and he was more than willing. So I put the hot top Lebanese with the hot bottom Irish man. This is one hot scene, I know, I filmed it!”

Arab Top Alex DeLarge enjoys rough sex with Australian Taylor MurphyArab Top Alex DeLarge enjoys rough sex with Australian Taylor MurphyArab Top Alex DeLarge enjoys rough sex with Australian Taylor MurphyArab Top Alex DeLarge enjoys rough sex with Australian Taylor MurphyArab Top Alex DeLarge enjoys rough sex with Australian Taylor MurphyArab Top Alex DeLarge enjoys rough sex with Australian Taylor Murphy

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Bodybuilder Gives Bottom A Cum Facial

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008
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Massive tattooed Latin bodybuilder fucking a hot bottomBottom throws his legs in the air and gets fucked by a body builder
Latino rides his buddy's cockLean, athletic Latino sitting on a top's hard cock
Not sure how Junior got his name, but it wasn’t from being small! He’s massive beefy bodybuilder, with a nice size dick (unlike a lot of bodybuilders who are “compensating”). Junior knows how to put his assets to good use – he gets his cock up some pretty sweet ass – we’ve shown him fucking a hunky Latino, a 19 y.o. teenager, and tag teaming a bottom with another top. Bottoms LOVE getting fucked by Junior – he’s a real man, and a real top…In the latest scene he’s fucking Rodrigo – a good, lean, Latin bottom who gives Junior exactly what he wants (what bottom wouldn’t?)…

Rodrigo starts by giving Junior a blowjob. Then Junior wants to fuck, so he just gets on all fours and presents his ass to him. It hurts a bit, but Rodrigo just pushes through the pain and lets Junior use his ass. Junior wants to change positions – no problem there either – they fuck with Rodrigo on his side, then Rodrigo rides Junior’s dick, then Rodrigo throws his legs in the air and Junior pounds him nice and deep. Rodrigo can’t take it any more and blows his load all over his chest and then Junior pulls out and blows a big load all over Rodrigo’s face…

Everyone leaves happy. Junior got to use a good sub bottom. Rodrigo got well fucked and a big ‘ol cum facial…

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Bottom sucking the dick of a hot muscled bodybuilder

Rich Wrangler’s Felching Orgy

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008
Close up of a bare dick breeding Rich Wrangler's assTwo tops work over Rich Wrangler in an orgy while a skinny twink looks on and jacks his dick
Cum leaking out of Rich Wangler's well fucked assChase Roberts felching the cum of some other top out of his boyfriend's ass

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You’d think Rich Wrangler had gotten plenty at IML this year I mean he had the 3way with his boyfriend and black stud top JC Carter, then he was the bottom for a a 4way where he took loads from 3 tops. But no – he’s a hungry cum obsessed pig who can never get enough and wants it all captured on camera so the whole world knows he’s a total cumhole who will bottom and take loads from anyone…

In this scene there are so many guys coming in and out of the hotel room you sorta lose track of who they are. All sorts of guys from little twinks to big masculine breeder tops… Cock after cock just unloads on his hole and then another cock gets shoved into his cummy hole and they use cum for lube, or some eager cum pig jumps in licks the cummy mess clean.

The two cum pigs who do the most felching are Rich’s real-life boyfriend Chase Roberts and a cute little young twink bottom boy who looks like he’s about as raunchy as they come.

Dirty… Yummy… Nasty… Wouldn’t you agree?

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Chase Roberts cleaning up his boyfriend's cummy hole

Ex-Navy Top Chad Oozes Maculinity

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Beefy Ex-Navy Chad from Buzz West shows us just how masculine a gay top can be. This stud oozes in macho sexuality to turn you on!

Ex-Navy Chad Ex-Navy beefcake Chad Ex-Navy Chad

Buzz West tells just how hot he is, “OK, so here’s the story on Chad. He was in the Navy four years and says it was miserable, but he did have some amazing stories from being on ship! He tells us of one time that he and another guy were standing watch one night and everyone was ashore getting drunk. He ended up on the bridge with another guy that was on watch, and they exchanged many looks throughout the course of the night. His buddy brushed against him seemingly on purpose, and after a few more exchanges, the guy just started feeling him up! I asked him ‘what happened’… ‘I fucked the shit out of him on the bridge’, he said! Chad is just raging testosterone, and a total top, although he’s got a PERFECT ass! Don’t miss a minute of this one!”

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Muscle Man Francesco D’Macho Bottoms and Tops

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

NakedSword features massive (in more ways than one!) muscle man Francesco D’Macho as new dream team member this month.

Muscle man Francesco D'macho poses in swim suit Francesco D'macho shows his hard butt

Naked Sword explains, “Italian Stallion Francesco D’Macho has created a rumble in the industry since his debut in 2006 for Hot House Video. His unveiling in Black left Hot House producers and fans in awe, and he has dominated each film he has been in ever since. Whether he is playing the role of power bottom or versatile top, he never fails to impress. And, as a Hot House Exclusive, he has gained acclaim and even the coveted 2007 Grabby Award for Best Versatile Performer. Of course, what’s most important, Francesco is pro-style at super-hot sex!”

“Whether he is getting fucked in a cage or doing outreach for HIV/AIDS awareness, D’Macho relentlessly champions the role of porn star on-set and off. He travels the world both filming hot movies and tirelessly reaching out into the community. He works both sides and the middle for Hot House, facilitates some filthy hot action for Men at Play, and connects to his ever-growing fan base as often as possible. NakedSword is proud to add Francesco D’Macho to their Dream Team.”

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Chris Rockway Tops Cru Hard

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

Randy Blue is featuring dark stud pair Chris and Cru.

Chris and Cru discuss fantasies Chris approaches Cru's ass

Randy says, “One of the most frequently asked questions our models get asked during the live shows is if being on the Randy Blue site has gotten them laid more. I don’t know if it’s true for all of them but I like to think it is. So last time I was talking with Chris Rockway I brought up the scenario and asked him how he thought it would go. For him it wasn’t simply that he’d get picked up in a bar by someone who recognized him, it was more subtle than that. Even though he recently did a bottoming scene, Chris sees himself as a total top and so in his fantasy, he’s the one in control. He sees himself as showing one of his videos to someone, getting them so hot from it, and then totally seducing them while they are so horned up they jump at the chance (like you’d need to be horned up to jump in the sack with Chris Rockway). What came out of this conversation was the video for today’s update. Cru Jones is looking hotter than ever. With that sexy-sweet smile, furry pecs and six-pack abs that you just want to run your hands over, he gives the word “manly” a new meaning. And don’t even get me started on Chris. He always gives 110% and his body is just amazing. Him and Cru had immediate chemistry and really got into it. Cru mentioned that he liked it really hard and Chris was more than happy to oblige. This fucking scene is intense yet very sensual, erotic, and most of all fun. You can tell they were both really loving it. And I just love the look of Cru’s hair ass as Chris reams him. He obviously had a great time because when he was ready, he let out a nice long sticky cum shot all over his furry flat little stomach. And Chris was all to happy to add to it, so his creamy jizz mixed in with Cru’s.”

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